The beloved Rosemont saga continues with secrets in the shadows and love in the air …

Coming to Rosemont by Barbara Hinske - Book Cover Image

Forensic accountant Maggie Martin’s well-ordered life is shattered by her husband’s untimely death and the double life he concealed. Dealing with the financial and emotional wreckage left in Paul’s wake, she is stunned to learn he inherited an estate known as Rosemont in the seemingly-serene Midwestern town of Westbury. Still bearing the scars of betrayal, will she find joy, romance and possibility in Westbury? READ MORE>

Weaving the Strands by Barbara Hinske - Book Cover Image

In this second book in the beloved Rosemont series, newly-elected Mayor Maggie Martin’s plans to start a serene new life have been derailed. As public criticism abounds, she may be trusting people she shouldn’t. An uncertain relationship with her favorite veterinarian just adds to the pressure. Meanwhile, her nemesis, Frank Haynes, is stirring the pot and sowing the seeds of her destruction … Will the winds of change blow favorably or foul for Rosemont’s irrepressible owner? READ MORE>

If you loved Coming to Rosemont, you’ll love the newest in the series Weaving the Strands

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