Bedtime Story: The Enchanted Bookshop – Night 10

Bedtime Story: The Enchanted Bookshop – Night 10


Once Upon a Time…

Mrs. Harrison peered over her half-moon spectacles at the anxious young man sitting across from her at her kitchen table. She didn’t normally rent to men—especially young ones. They were often messy and noisy, and frequently had questionable friends. Her daughter constantly harped at her about the danger of taking in boarders. But there was something compelling about this one.

“Do you take cream or sugar?” she asked.

“No, thank you. This is perfect. And the room is exactly what I’m looking for. I only plan to stay for a month; two at the most.”

“What brings you here?”

“My grandfather passed away and left a storage locker full of books. I need to dispose of them.”

She arched a brow as she stirred her tea. “Surely that wouldn’t take a month.”

“My grandfather owned a bookstore. These books are his remaining inventory when he was forced out of business by a chain store. There’s a large collection of rare books that I need to sell.”

She looked at him intently. “Where was his store?”

“Not far from here, actually. The Enchanted Bookshop. Did you know it?”

“Indeed I did,” she said. “Your grandfather once gave me a magic book.”


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