Bedtime Story: The Enchanted Bookshop – Night 11

Bedtime Story: The Enchanted Bookshop – Night 11


Once Upon a Time…

Sven stopped, his cup halfway to his mouth, and returned the cup to its saucer. “So you know the story about the magic books?”

“It’s not a story, my dear,” she said, rising and going to a bookshelf in the next room. She returned and handed him a well-worn copy of The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency. He flipped the cover open and stared at the name in the top right-hand corner: Sheila Harrison. She waited until he brought his eyes to meet hers.

“Will you tell me what happened?”

Mrs. Harrison sat down. “My husband was in the hospital after open heart surgery. His spirits were low and he wasn’t cooperating with the nurses; wasn’t going to physical therapy. I was constantly trying to encourage him, but it only made him angry. We did nothing but fight whenever we were together. I was at my wits end. I felt like I’d lost him and our marriage. The day I walked into The Enchanted Bookshop, I was frightened and miserable; desperate to find something that would take both of us away from our harsh reality and let us enjoy each other again.”

Sven nodded, “go on.”

“I picked up a couple of crossword puzzle books and headed to the register. They kept me busy while I sat for hours in doctors’ waiting rooms. Your grandfather rang them up and as he handed my bag to me our hands touched and the most peculiar look came over his face. I’ll never forget it. He paused, then told me that one of the books in the store would bring my husband back to me. I hadn’t said a word about my husband. He told me the book would have my name written inside the front cover.”

“And you looked for this book? You didn’t think he was odd?”

Mrs. Harrison laughed. “I almost turned and ran out of the shop. But I wanted to believe that he was right. So I decided to wander around the store for a few minutes to see what I could find. I’d never been a fiction reader, but I wandered over to the mystery section and picked up this book,” she said, pointing to the volume Sven was holding. “It was lying on its side, perilously close to falling off the shelf. I intended to put it securely back into its place, but the cover fell open. And there was my name.”


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