Bedtime Story: The Enchanted Bookshop – Night 7

Bedtime Story: The Enchanted Bookshop – Night 7


Once Upon a Time…

Sven checked the clipboard. The notation indicated that the box he was holding contained magic books. He pulled the small Swiss army knife from his pocket and cut through the layers of tape. He hesitated as he looked at the books stacked in the box. He wasn’t sure what he hoped to find.

Sven sighed and picked the first book off the top—a hardcover copy of Anne of Green Gables. The book underneath was The Shell Seekers, and beneath that was Winds of War. He began unloading the box, removing fiction and nonfiction; well-known classics and books he’d never heard of. Why had his grandfather selected these as “magic”?

When the box was empty, he knew it was time. Sven picked up a copy of A Long Way from Chicago and opened the front cover. He was greeted with the imprint of the title and the publisher, and nothing more. No name was written in the book.


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