Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 2

Based upon reader input, I’ve decided to post these every Mon-Wed-Fri until the story is completed. There are 37 installments. And I’m going to post this coming Friday, July 4. Enjoy — and I love hearing from you!

Also — to celebrate the 4th of July — I’m putting the Kindle version of Coming to Rosemont on sale for 99 cents. July 4 only. Curling up with a good book and maybe some BBQ is a perfect way to spend the day!


The Night Train
Copyright 2014 by Barbara Hinske


Night 2

Fatigue engulfed Rachel as the train pulled out of the station. Secure in the knowledge that she would reach Vienna in time, Rachel dimmed the compartment lights and eased into the leather seat, allowing sleep to envelop her.

She was jolted awake as the train screeched to a halt, propelling her out of her seat and into the man dozing in the seat facing her. The minute they touched, she knew something was terribly wrong. The recoil of the train sent them both tumbling to the floor.

Rachel scrambled to her knees and struggled to turn the man, dead weight in her hands, onto his back. A slight trickle of dried blood ran from his nose. His skin was clammy and his breathing shallow, but he was alive—barely.

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