Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 21


The Night Train

Copyright 2014 by Barbara Hinske

Night 21


“Where to, miss?” the driver asked, eyeing her curiously in his rear view mirror.

She didn’t know where to go—she only knew she wanted to get away from here. “I’d like to stay in a bed and breakfast on the side of town furthest from the University. Somewhere less institutional than this chain hotel; more personal. Do you have any suggestions?

The man smiled broadly. “My sister has such a place. She’s a good cook. You’ll be very happy there.”

“Then it’s settled. If she has a vacancy and Internet access—I have some research to do—it’ll be the perfect spot for me.” Rachel was determined to find out where to take the key that Kosof had given her and retrieve the contents of that safe deposit box.


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