Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 23

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The Night Train

Copyright 2014 by Barbara Hinske

Night 23


Rachel firmly shut the door and was halfway across the room when she turned and retraced her steps to lock it. The woman seemed innocent, but she couldn’t take any chances.

She unzipped the inner compartment of her purse and retrieved the safe deposit key that Kosof had given her. She could see letters stamped into the metal. She took the key to the window and held it in the light. She was able to make out the name of the bank: Britsch & Cie.

Rachel waited impatiently for her laptop to connect to the Internet. She was relieved that the key wasn’t from Credit Suisse or one of the other huge Swiss banks. With any luck, there wouldn’t be too many branches of Britsch & Cie.

The streaming news headline answered her most immediate question: Ukranian dissident Vladimir Kosof remained missing. She quickly searched for the bank—she needed to get into that safe deposit box.

Rachel held her breath as Britsch & Cie’s home page loaded. It was a small family-owned bank, with one branch located in Bern. It would take at least a day to make the journey. She exhaled sharply and dug in her purse for a pen and scrap of paper, then changed her mind. She returned her attention to the computer screen and burned the address and phone number into her memory.


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