Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 25


The Night Train

Copyright 2014 by Barbara Hinske

Night 25


Rachel wasn’t able to conceal her alarm at his statement that the man was looking for her. The taxi driver assured her that he hadn’t told the desk clerk where she was, but how could she trust him?

She quickly excused herself from the table and retreated to her room, her course of action firmly in mind. She emerged ten minutes later, luggage in hand.

“Would you drop me at the airport? I’ve booked a seat on a redeye flight going home,” she lied.

“Don’t rush off; you haven’t seen Vienna yet,” the woman implored.

Rachel handed the woman the fee for one night’s lodging plus a generous tip and turned to man. “Can we leave now?”

He nodded and they set off. She needed to avoid all conversation and closed her eyes, pretending to doze. When he pulled to the curb at the airport, she silently handed him his fare and strode into the terminal. Rachel watched until he pulled away, and then returned to the taxi queue. “The train station, please,” she said as the next driver in line opened her door.


Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 26