Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 31




The Night Train

Copyright 2014 by Barbara Hinske

Night 31


Rachel quickly exited the bank, ignoring the curious stares from the tellers as her suitcase clattered behind her. She hailed a taxi, intending to go to a nearby hotel for some much-needed sleep. Instead, she heard herself telling the driver to take her to the airport. Her return flight originated in Vienna, but she didn’t care how much it might cost to change her ticket—she wouldn’t return there.

Fatigue wrapped her in its undeniable embrace while she waited in line at the airline ticket counter. She almost missed the fact that the ticket agent was preparing to send her back to Chicago.

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said. “I need to return to Washington, D. C.”

“We’ll have to start all over again,” the woman snapped. “The flight leaves in an hour and a quarter. You’ll have to run if you’re going to get through security in time.” She glared at Rachel as she slowly handed her the ticket.

Rachel wove her way through the crowded airport as swiftly as possible. She held her breath as the operator of the baggage scanner ran her purse back and forth through the machine, certain that he would pull her aside and demand to see the round object in her purse: the cipher. He looked at her over the top of the machine, and then allowed it to go through.

She snatched her purse from the conveyor belt and ran the length of the terminal, arriving at her gate in time to be the last person to board the flight back to US soil.


Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 32