Bedtime Story: The Night Train — Night 8

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The Night Train

Copyright 2014 by Barbara Hinske

Night 8


After what seemed like an eternity, the man rose and strode out of the compartment. Rachel released the breath she had been holding and sank into the back of the cargo hold. ‘Now what?’ she thought.

She knew she had to get off this train and find that safe deposit box. She also knew that if she didn’t show up for her presentation, someone would start looking for her. But that wouldn’t happen for at least another 24 hours.

As she lay there contemplating her options, the underside of the train began to vibrate and it started to move, slowly at first but rapidly reaching full speed. Who was driving the train? How many had ‘they’ left behind? She tried to think but exhaustion overcame her and she succumbed to sleep.


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