Bedtime Story: Silver and Scotch – Night 15

Silver and Scotch, Downton Abbey

Silver and Scotch 
Copyright 2015 by Barbara Hinske

Night 15


Blake surveyed himself in the mirror, pleased with his reflection. He looked every bit the successful businessman he portrayed himself to be. Now all he needed was an expertly drawn counterfeit driver’s license. He headed to the electronics store where he paid cash for a computer and printer that could do the job.

Blake rose early the next morning, anxious to be at the bank when the doors opened. If they checked the license for the embedded hologram on the genuine article, he would be in trouble. He knew Thomas Jackson’s PIN and the answers to his security questions, so he hoped that they wouldn’t check too closely.

Blake held his breath as he passed the license across the desk to the assistant manager. She studied the photo on the license, looked up at him, and smiled. “Nice photo,” she commented as she handed it back to him. He released his breath. The assistant manager bent over backwards to help “Thomas Johnson.” He’d be able to pick up his new debit card at the end of the week. In the meantime, he withdrew two thousand dollars from his account.

Blake treated himself to a meal of authentic Creole cuisine and a bottle of wine. He was ready to launch into action.

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