Bedtime Story: Silver and Scotch – Night 17

Silver and Scotch, Downton Abbey

Silver and Scotch
Copyright 2015 by Barbara Hinske

Night 17


Blake arrived at his intended location on Drayton shortly before seven that morning. He’d calculated that there were several homes on the tour within easy walking distance. And, unless he’d miscalculated these aristocratic homeowners, they’d be spending a fortune pruning their yards and polishing their interiors in anticipation of the tour. He understood that being included on the tour was a highly coveted honor and no one wanted to disappoint. This presented the perfect opportunity for a respectable-looking day laborer.

He approached the first house on his list as two vans pulled to the curb, followed by a pickup truck loaded with wooden beams. An older man directed two young men to begin unloading the beams and carrying them to the backyard. The men dutifully pulled one of the beams from the stack and staggered as they tried to hoist it to their shoulders.

Blake rushed in, grabbed the beam, and supplied the needed extra push. The foreman turned to Blake. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

“You looking for work?” the foreman asked.

“I am,” he replied.

The foreman nodded. “We’re building a pergola in the backyard,” he said. “We need to finish it this week. And we’re behind schedule. Can you come every day until we’re finished?”

“Sure thing, boss. I’m your man,” Blake replied. “I’ll be at this house as long as you need me.”

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