Bedtime Story: Silver and Scotch – Night 19

Silver and Scotch, Downton Abbey

Silver and Scotch
Copyright 2015 by Barbara Hinske

Night 19


Blake spent the next ten days painting molding, trim, and baseboards. Despite his lack of experience, he had a steady hand and was very good at the work. If he ever wanted to go straight, he mused, he could be a painter in these fancy old places. He even found the work relaxing. But he wasn’t after relaxation, he reminded himself. He was after the thrill he got from committing the crime.

His pulse quickened when they started working in the dining room. The sideboard was crowded with a silver tea set, a pair of ice buckets, and a dozen other serving pieces. Moving it away from the wall and covering it with plastic gave him the perfect opportunity to assess what was sterling (most of it) and what was silver plate. He mentally cataloged the items. The painstaking attention he gave to painting the windows allowed him to select the best entry point for a midnight visit.

By the time they’d finished their task, Blake had placed the house on his final list of targets. He spent the remaining days before the tour working in and around other homes scheduled to be seen and added two of them to his list. With only a week before the tour started, he needed to head to New York City and renew his acquaintance with his fence.

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