Bedtime Story: Silver and Scotch – Night 35

Silver and Scotch, Downton Abbey

Silver and Scotch
Copyright 2015 by Barbara Hinske

Night 35


Detective Grant had an uneventful night. No burglaries had taken place in Savannah that Wednesday night. He stared at his reflection as he shaved the next morning. He didn’t know whether to be happy that there hadn’t been any burglaries or disappointed that they hadn’t apprehended Blake.

Jim Harrison started pounding the pavement early Thursday morning. He planned to canvas the budget motels closest to the historic district to see if anyone recognized photos of Blake. He’d brought them with him from the files he still kept, after all these years, in the drawer of his nightstand.

The clerk at the sixth such establishment gave him what he wanted. “We get a lot of people through here, so I can’t be sure. I couldn’t testify or anything,” she qualified her statement, “but I think he came in a couple of months ago. Stayed two or three weeks. Was real interested in the home and garden tour.”

Harrison thanked the clerk and tucked the photos back into his breast pocket. Blake had been there. But where was he now?

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