Bedtime Story: Silver and Scotch – Night 8

Silver and Scotch, Downton Abbey

Silver and Scotch – Night 8
Copyright 2015 by Barbara Hinske

Night 8


Blake’s money ran out in Nashville. He got off the bus and joined the ranks of day laborers, unloading trucks at the local manufacturing facilities. He slept at a homeless shelter and ate from dumpsters. At the end of his second week of this bleak existence, he teamed up with an exhausted trucker who welcomed the company of an able-bodied companion. They set off for Savannah.

Blake helped the trucker unload and wordlessly accepted the hundred-dollar bill that the man handed him. “Let’s go eat. On me,” the trucker offered. “Ever been here? Savannah’s got some of the best food in the country. I know—I’ve hauled from coast to coast.”

Blake shook his head. “Thanks. I’ll be on my way.”

“Where ya’ headed? Maybe I can drop you off.”

“Not necessary,” he replied as he turned and walked away.

The trucker shook his head. The man was an odd one, that was for sure.

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