Drawing Close

Drawing Close

The Fourth Novel in the Rosemont series

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4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
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How much would you sacrifice to save the life of a child?

In the fourth novel of best-selling author Barbara Hinske’s beloved Rosemont series, Maggie Martin faces her biggest challenges when her future at Rosemont and the life of someone dear to her are at stake.

Fighting to eradicate the corruption in Westbury has left Mayor Maggie Martin drained. A sweet respite in Cornwall, England, with her new husband is exactly what she needs. Their flight hasn’t left the tarmac, however, before another betrayal by her late husband Paul Martin comes to light. His lies turned their life together into an illusion, but this new revelation could put the lives of her children in jeopardy.

While Maggie weighs the option of telling them about their father’s deceit, her nemesis Frank Haynes is getting closer to uncovering the truth. Though his goal of claiming Maggie’s coveted Rosemont estate is clearly in sight, a potential for love has him contemplating whether he should release his lifelong dream.

Can both Frank Haynes and Maggie Martin find happiness? Or will the enigmatic Haynes use Paul Martin’s lies to ruin her?


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Enjoyed every page! Am looking forward to more about Maggie and family and all the people in Westbury!


Amazon Customer, Irving, TX
Customer Testimonails
The same cast of characters appear in this book, and they are becoming old friends. There is still the sense of a love of family, home, town, a comforting read in that regard. The books in this series are not stand alone–just go ahead and get them all and enjoy a well-written story with ups and downs, twists and turns, sadness and joys.


Elizabeth A.
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Having enjoyed this entire series, I eagerly read (devoured) Drawing Close. It was like coming back to old friends after a time away. The lovable characters are still lovable and the despicable ones are beginning to show some redeeming qualities. I agree with another reader; the ending leaves room for another book. This makes me so happy!

Kat G., Poinciana, FL
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What a wonderful fourth book in this series. This book can stand alone but why deprive yourself! The characters become your friends (and enemies) , like returning to a favorite hometown. I wish I could stay at Rosemont and meet everyone.

Fortunately there seems to be room for at least one more book! I’m eagerly awaiting book number five. I hope there is more!!!!! Indulge yourself and enjoy!

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I was fortunate to be chosen to receive the book early. I have been waiting for book 4 from the minute I finished the last page of #3. Wasn’t disappointed at all – and am now counting the days for the 5th!

I so love the characters and find myself thinking about them as my neighbors. Even Frank… He really redeemed himself this time. Will he stay this way or will he revert to his selfish ways? Can’t wait to find out about what happens next.

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Another great addition to this series. Be sure to read the whole series starting at the first book. Drawing close and all the others are totally great.

Dr Judith G. Wolf
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Love Drawing Close. Like the others in the Rosemont series it leaves you wanting more. It kept my interest from beginning to end. So much so I read it in one setting. I recommend it to anyone that wants a good read.

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I am not an avid reader – do not have much time – BUT this whole series has brought me back to reading.
I could not put down the story – it is an easy read – it is a great story line.
The story doesn’t jump around it is well played and you truly get a sense of each character and place in town.
I have recommended this series of books to others and they have enjoyed the story as well.
The story has intrigue – the story has intense feelings for how things will play out — it is an engaging story line that keeps me wanting more of the story.

Joyce D., Columbus, OH
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This is another excellent installment in the Rosemont Series that went by way too quickly for this reader. As always, Westbury is buzzing with excitement. There are those folks that have a complete change of heart, those that learn new life-changing facts, and then you have those wretched characters that will never change and want to bring misery to others. You will have to read “Drawing Close” to find out who is who. I guarantee you will be surprised!!

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These books keep getting better and better and this one was no exception. There were also some twists and turns that I hadn’t expected. I could read a different book about Rosemont every week. I can’t think of many other book series that I have enjoyed more. To the author I say, “please keep on writing these books.”

Agatha, Georgia
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I have read all the Rosemont books. I read them each in one sitting. I get so involved with the characters that I am sad when the book comes to an end. I can’t wait for another installment.

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Four books into this series, and I can’t wait for the next one. I love the way there are mysteries resolved by the end of the book, but always more questions to be answered. Barbara Hinske has created a community of friends that I want to know. If you have read the first three books, you’ll want to read Drawing Close soon.

Amazon customer
Customer Testimonails

Another great book in the Rosemont series. Barbara has done a fantastic job of writing this series. In Drawing Close I thought that I would figure out what was going to happen, and then came the twist I wasn’t expecting. Another great book I didn’t want to put down and didn’t.

Marty Z.
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Drawing Close is a continuation of of the life and challenges facing this heroine and her family! I couldn’t put the book down and hope the author continues to allow her pen and imagination flow for a long time.

Amazon Customer