Home Fires Season 1 Episode 4 Review

Home Fires

Home Fires Season 1 Episode 3 Review

The war intrudes on Great Paxford, as more iron gates are collected and rationing enforced.

Miriam Brindsley’s “possible mistake filling out the form” comes to light when David doesn’t receive a ration book. Her husband sets the matter to rights and a frustrated David sneaks out in the middle of the night to enlist. In a most heartrending scene, Bryn follows his son to the bus stop and sends him to war with a father’s blessing, telling him, “When this is finished, you come right back to this spot. And we’ll be waiting for you.”

Frances Barden and Joyce Cameron play opposite sides of the fence on the creation of an air raid shelter for the community. Joyce insists that “official channels exist to supervise the common interest,” and has her husband commission an architect to draw up a plan for the perfect shelter.

Home Fires

Frances is determined to beat her rival to the finish line, organizing the gathering of supplies for the shelter before finally designating the cellar of her own home as the site. We’re relieved because the RAF officer staying with Sarah advises her not to leave it too long.

Teresa’s lover turns up to convince Teresa to sail to America with her, where she believes the two women can start their lives over—out in the open. Teresa is struggling with the decision when she passes by the Farrow farm and finds Steph arguing with a government man.

If they don’t change the way they farm within two months, the government will take over the farm and evict them. Teresa’s suspicions that Steph and Stan can’t read are confirmed and she offers to help Steph and teach them both how to read. “I absolutely promise you that, together, we can sort this out.” Teresa is staying put and we’re glad.

Home Fires

Alison makes another attempt to disentangle herself from the hoard of local businessmen profiteering from the war but is cowed into submission by the specter of jail time raised by one of her clients. Just say no, Mrs. Scotlock!

Bob discovers that Pat is working at the telephone exchange and is not pleased. Erica witnesses his manhandling and listens to an argument through their shared wall. Determined to help her friend, she concocts and delivers to Pat a tonic to produce general well-being—with just one teaspoonful a day. Pat stirs the elixir into Bob’s tea and it appears to be working.

Spenser’s dismissive behaviour toward Claire is explained when we learn that he’s refused his call up because he’s a conscientious objector. The village has ostracized him as a coward and he’s trying to spare Claire shame by association.

Home Fires

Kate and Jack secure a cozy cottage for themselves and she is happily packing her things for their move the following Saturday when the Wing Commander pulls up to the Campbell’s door. We’ve feared this was going to happen since the first time we met Jack. He’s been killed in a training exercise

We’re left with Kate’s anguished scream as the episode closes…