I Love Setting the Table!

I love everything about throwing any sort of dinner party; planning, invitations (old-fashioned–heavy-paper-stock-come–in-the-mail kind of invitations), shopping, cooking, hosting, and even clean-up, but my favorite activity by a country mile is setting the table. How I would love to work under Mr. Carson and learn what to do with a 16-piece place setting. That ruler idea is genius!

I have a treasure trove of inherited linens, china, crystal and silver – and I use them all. Don’t you just love the feel of a linen napkin on your lap? My theory is that people always think the food is better than it is when served in an elegant fashion. My Achilles’ Heel is flower arranging – I’m not much of a dab hand at that. I think my guests can feel the love and enthusiasm I put into the whole process.

I’m hosting a small Easter brunch. The photo is of my dining room – all set and expectant. I think it was Erma Bombeck who said that, if she had it to do over again, she would use the good dishes more. We’re using the good dishes tomorrow. Happy Easter!!