I’ve been Tagged in a Blog Hop!!

Rita Ackerman, a writer and historical research specialist that I met when I was speaking at the Arizona Author Showcase at the Desert Foothills Library, tagged me in a Blog Hop. Fun idea – writers “tag” other writers by asking them to answer 4 questions on their blog and then tag another writer that they know to do the same. It’s a great way to foster a discussion in this Internet world. So, with many thanks to Rita, here goes:


1.  What am I working on?


I’ve got two projects going at the moment:

  •  A Facebook project I’m calling “Facebook Bedtime Story.” I’m posting 200-300 words at 3 PM ET every Monday-Wednesday-Friday of a mystery/thriller titled The Night Train. I started this on a whim on May 14 and have garnered a lot of attention and praise. I’m now running the series on my blog, here on this website.
  •  The third novel in my women’s contemporary fiction series known as the Rosemont Series.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My Rosemont series novels (Coming to Rosemont and Weaving the StrandsScreen Shot 2014-07-04 at 6.18.49 AM) differ from other offerings in the women’s contemporary fiction genre because they contain themes of fraud/embezzlement/organized crime/political corruption, which are much more traditional in the mystery/thriller category. In keeping with my genre, my books have admirable, strong women characters; a supporting cast of quirky, lovable characters; a small town with the slower feel of days-gone-by; and a happy ending (of course!).


3.  Why do I write what I do?


I write series fiction because I love to get involved with characters and invest myself in their lives — whether it’s in fiction or on TV. I’m a homebody who loves my house, my family, and my community. My novels reflect that love of connection. There’s a lot of dark content in fiction and on TV these days. I don’t want to read it or watch it, and I don’t write it.  I want to be entertained and uplifted by what I read and write.


4.  How does my writing process work?


I’ve been both a “pantser” and a “plotter” in my writing habits, and I prefer having a well-defined plot in mind before I put my hands on the keyboard. I’ll spend a lot of time outlining the plot before I start writing, so that the writing part flows more easily. And when I have those days when the words won’t come — and I have them! — I just force myself to get started with something and the blockage always clears.



Now I’m tagging an author whose path I’ve been fortunate enough to cross in my writer’s journey. John J. Hohn has written a fabulous mystery/detective novel that I enjoyed so much that I snuck away from my family during the holidays to read his Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds (available on Amazon).