Planning a Vacation


Isn’t planning a vacation delicious? I’m talking about the never-been-there-never-walked-those-streets kind of destination. All those thoughts of possibilities!

I start with a trip to an old-fashioned bookstore with a big travel section. Full of tomes with glossy photos that paint a picture of promise. Sunny skies – everything in bloom – relaxation or excitement and always adventure. I usually come away with books for additional destinations; it’s hopeful to carry home some seeds for the next trip after the one at hand. I cull through those books so I have a basic idea of geography, cuisine, and fun and unusual stuff to do.

Packing is another project. I start with shoes. Women’s shoes are cruel and devious inventions. But I love them and am always willing to believe any hype that tells me that these heels are comfortable and walkable – despite years of unfortunate shopping experience to the contrary. (Word of advice – don’t trust any woman who tells you that her six-inch heels are really comfortable – she’s an alien.) When I travel, I love to walk. I lie to myself that Teva’s (in my size 9) are actually attractive. What isn’t attractive is being sidelined because my feet hurt. I plan the rest of my wardrobe with pieces that “go with” workable footwear.

I get myself all packed up the weekend before a trip. A ready suitcase in the spare bedroom is such an intoxicating sight! My husband, on the other hand, pulls out his suitcase the night before and, during the ten o’clock news, sees what’s clean and gets himself all packed up before the sports comes on. Viva la difference!!