Surprise Fresh Strawberry Pie Party!

I recently read about a beloved small-town diner in the South – now closed – that would throw up a billboard that read: “F.H.P.I.C. – You Know Where.“ People watched and waited for this billboard every year and flocked to the diner as soon as it went up – for fresh homemade peach ice cream. I’d drop everything and run on over there for that, myself!

With this story for inspiration, I decided to cook up a little spontaneous fun with my neighbors. We are a small community of 13 homes, inhabited by a group of the most congenial and interesting people you’d ever want to meet. I put a notice in everyone’s mailbox, inviting them to join my husband and me at 3 o’clock on the next Sunday afternoon, in the little park within our community, for “F.S.P. Don’t ask – we won’t tell – top secret. Word to the wise – bring a fork.”

Everyone showed up – with a fork. I received a couple of calls in the days leading up to the “event” trying to wheedle information out of me, but I didn’t crack. No hints were given. One woman actually figured it out. Fresh Strawberry Pie. I make up 3 pies, furnished ice cream, whipped cream, and water – and that was it.

The pies were yummy – you can’t miss when the berries are in season – but the camaraderie and conversation were even better! People drug chairs off of their surrounding patios and we settled in for a couple of relaxed, lazy Sunday-afternoon hours. My neighbors are the best sports and most delightful people ever!