Uncovering Secrets

Uncovering Secrets

The Third Novel in the Rosemont Series

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4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
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This third book in the beloved Rosemont series (but easily read as a stand-alone) finds Mayor Maggie Martin knee-deep in the financial problems facing Westbury. With a stagnant investigation into the fraud and embezzlement that brought the town to the brink of bankruptcy, Maggie needs results—now. The bad guys, however, are always one step ahead, with bribes and blackmail at their disposal.

Her late husbands mistress also has an ace to play against Frank Haynes and his cronies. But the womans plan for revenge may be derailed by her daughters sudden illness. Will Haynes slip through the net once again?

Meanwhile, Maggie is busy planning her wedding as Roman forms an unlikely alliance with a litter of kittens. And Rosemonts attic gives up its secrets; some welcome, some not. While Maggie delights in a newly discovered collection of vintage silver, Frank Haynes is on a mission to establish his claim to Rosemont. Surprisingly, his cold heart may not be impervious after all.

Dive in as Maggie seeks her silver lining.


Weaving the Strands is now available as an audiobook! Audible.com has done a fantastic job and narrator Dina Pearlman continues to share the stories of Maggie, Frank and the residents of Westbury.

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Customer Testimonails

Another cozy visit with old friends. I always hate for the Rosemont books to end.

Chris Koser
Customer Testimonails

Barbara has a wonderful knack of describing life in a small community, with all of it’s oldtimers and characters with such livid words that the pictures of the events flow into your mind. They are through provoking, realistic, emotional and real to the extent that you want to make a road-trip to Rosemont—Wouldn’t it be nice for us all to remember the times where we lived this kind of life.

I find her books full of character that are realistic, wonderfully exposed and fully developed—-Her books are a must read for any avid reader of any age—-She shares a glimpse of life at it’s fullest, in a realistic, yet hope-filled way—-It is a delight to be able to remind myself of the days that she represents in her pictures of life—–They are a MUST READ—Tell you friends, they need a reminder too!!!

Paul Richter
Customer Testimonails

Barbara Hinske has done it again!!! A well written continuation of the story of Maggie Martin and the escapades of the small town she lives in. I was so engrossed in my reading that it hurt to have to put my book down to go to sleep. I got up extra early the next morning to continue the story and find out “what happened next” – I am anxiously awaiting book 4 now, so write fast Barbara!! I (and all your other fans) are waiting!!!

Dawn Jo
Customer Testimonails

As always, the characters feel like old friends and meeting them again is like coming home. I can’t wait for book 4!

Kat G
Customer Testimonails

The third time IS a charm! Uncovering Secrets(3rd book in the series) is a book you curl up with and happily stay up late to finish. Ms. Hinske is a visual writer. Her readers can “see” Rosemont and the quaint town of Westbury. It was fun getting to know Maggie and other characters a bit better. Treat yourself to Uncovering Secrets, you’ll be glad you did!

Sally J McCarthy
Customer Testimonails

Maggie Martin is the Major of Westbury, engaged to John Allen, (My heart sung when they found their love again). The townpeople want her to step down rather than exposing the financial corruption that is looming over Westbury. Pensions are questionable because thugs are planning to regain ownership of ROSEMONT. Maggie has her own ideas of making things right. While all this intrigue wedding bells will be ringing in June. Barbara Hinkle didn’t realize when she sat with pen in hand capturing her readers hearts would bring us together as the Rosemont Disscussion Group. Awaiting the next installment and any future series. Thank you for allowing me to enter the Rosemont Mansion and experience the tears, laughter, love and friendship of your characters.

Carol U
Customer Testimonails

The Rosemont series is everything you could ask for in a fun summer series. It’s got suspense, mystery, romance and a house that makes for a fantastic backdrop. Great characters that you want to know more about and story lines that travel easily from book to book. Uncovering Secrets is the 3rd book in the series and like the first two, leaves you wanting more.