Peeps — one of the joys of Spring!

Is there anything more irresistible, more compelling than a Peep? In any of its various forms or colors? Just looking at them, all snug in their tightly packed rows, makes me smile. An entire display draws me like a magnet finding true north. My pulse quickens when I first spy them in the stores; spring cannot be far away.

I always buy them and give them away – to other people who, like me, have probably outgrown their fierce sugariness long ago. I do hope they find them as cheery as I do.

This year, I’m going to craft some sort of centerpiece for my Easter

Spring Happiness!
Spring Happiness!

table out of them. I’ve been all over Pinterest and flickr, looking at photos of creations by people far more clever and talented than me. I’m thinking of affixing traditional, yellow Peeps to skewers and inserting them into a vase of orange tulips. Might be a bit bright. Not sure what flower really goes with that unforgettable shade of Peep yellow.

Whether you eat your Peeps or decorate with them, or both, I wish everyone a very Happy Easter!