The Night Train

The Night Train

The bedtime story that started it all…

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Some of the best words in the English language are “Once Upon A Time.” My dad told me a bedtime story every night of my childhood, and now Ive grown up to become an author.

When I posted a few lines of a mystery/thriller under a photo of a red train making a nighttime crossing of a mountain trestle on my Facebook page in May 2014, it garnered a surprising response; readers wanted more. So for thirty-seven nights, I continued to post a few installments of the story. This e-book is a collection of those thirty-seven nights; Ive done some editing, but kept the chapters as they were—a few paragraphs. You can decide if you want to read a bit of it each night, or all in one sitting.

Go ahead, if you havent already, and get your jammies on. Then come back and join me for a tale of international mystery and intrigue that I call The Night Train …


Customer Testimonails

From the very beginning I was hooked! Couldn’t get to the end fast enough for the final outcome. I love this author’s writing style. She definitely kept my interest with this intriguing plot!

Customer Testimonails

I was delighted by the thrise weekly installments of this story. It was an inventive delivery, but would not have worked if the story hadn’t been compelling. Loved the the story!

Montana Beth